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William Sargant

The Repressed Always Returns

Someone who was cruel and irresponsible and refused to listen to advice; motivated by repressed anger rather than a desire to help people.

Saturday, 16 January 2016

These Real Women Want to Show You How to Give Them an Orgasm

Caucasian Decline


The only men worth being‑with are those possessing the necessary self‑confidence to discover for themselves how to make women come – technique always comes later, as a direct result of such exploration of one’s own sexuality. White people, however, believe that learning techniques is more important than actually having a reason (ie, self‑respect) to learn them: Thus, White sex is mechanical and unsatisfying. Self‑exploration is not something White men are good at; preferring to use alcohol as a source of self‑confidence, rather than an examined life filled with ever‑increasing experience and the resulting confidence‑boosts that naturally arise from learning from that experience. In fact, far too many White men think conquering Everest, reaching the North Pole or exploring the Amazon is more fulfilling than exploring a White woman’s hot, sticky, needy pussy. What kind of men are these?!


White women are so desperate for sex with White men (so as not to be deprived of the benefits of White supremacy that would occur if they had sex with Men of Color), that they actually have to provide White males with written guides on how to do them the way they like – even though White feminism proves they know perfectly‑well that White men do not actually like White women very much and that, therefore, such women are masochists. (Who but a virgin male or a gynophobe would need such guidance, in any case?)

Mummy’s boys

White women must show White men what to do, sexually, rather than White women looking for the best men to have the best sex with – to affectively‑coddle ineffectual White men in hopes this will turn them into actual men. This mutual sexual‑inadequacy and dependency causes the decline of the family (both Nuclear & Extended) as an institution among Whites, since it conflates fathers with sons – along with producing high White divorce‑rates, sex‑addiction, pornography‑production & consumption, alcoholism, drug‑taking, etc.

Ultimately, infantilizing White men, in this way, means White women existing in a permanent state of sexual frustration and sensual dissatisfaction, because the best men are denied them by social, racial & religious strictures against enjoying sex with men of their personal choice. This explains White women rarely smiling, having a bloom on their skin or a skip in their walk.


White men do not have to try hard to get sex because White women are a captive racial audience. Similarly, White women do not have to try hard to get sex because White men are in the same cultural position. Both are trapped within a racist culture that limits them as much as it tries to limit those whom Whites exclude from that culture; leading both to sexual laziness and poor sexual performance. Why should a White work hard to be a good lover when other Whites are enjoined to have sex with them, good or bad, so that such work is not necessary? After all, why would a person born rich ever go out and find a job?

In such a gilded cage, Whites need to appear to themselves the most attractive people in the world, precisely because their inbred culture wants them to have sex only with each other (to preserve the benefits of White supremacy by keeping Whites in local, political majorities). If the only sex you are expected to engage‑in is with other inbreds, then pretending they are automatically sexually‑desirable helps curtail the knowledge that they are not; while simultaneously brainwashing Whites to believe everyone else is automatically‑ugly by comparison – even though desirability and attractiveness are not defined by comparison with others.

Thus, the plain Janes and the plain Johns such inbreeding creates, look sexually‑desirable only to Whites. Whites are constantly being told that other ethnicities are automatically‑ugly (eg, by a White media that rarely admits Black women are beautiful by deigning to publish their photographs) and that one would, therefore, have to be desperate for sex to sleep with anyone not White. The proof that Whites know this to be a political lie, emerges from the fact that White women wear the most cosmetics, despite their oft‑repeated claim to being the most beautiful, the most desirable & the most attractive.

White supremacy makes Whites only seem more physically‑attractive than they really are; while actually having exactly the opposite effect (in the White mind) regarding Black men. This results from the common White sexual‑fantasy of being raped by Black men (a direct result of White men being sexually‑ineffectual), which is the true source of the inbred White belief that Black men have the largest human penises and, so, are sexual forbidden fruit – the usual White materialistic confusion between measurable size and subjectively‑judged ability as well as between reality and fantasy, themselves.

All this White self‑delusion means Whites lose contact with their own body, their own feelings & their own minds, such that the personal becomes political – their individual esthetic‑sense sacrificed to that of the White herd. Whites are sexually‑inadequate and, thus, dissatisfied because they refuse to step outside of their sexual comfort‑zone; rigidly‑constricted by the limited (& limiting) major comfort‑zones of White culture: Class, race & sex.

For Whites, sex is like going to the toilet – a relief rather than an actual pleasure. This is the real reason White women tend toward anorgasmia and White men tend toward sexual‑inadequacy – they are taught to be above that sort of thing in order to preserve White supremacy through limiting any intermingling with so‑called lesser breeds which would result in the doubled White‑fear of more People Of Color (POC) being born; while, simultaneously, reducing the number of Whites that are. The problem then becomes Whites requiring remedial‑instruction in doing what others find comes quite naturally; perhaps explaining declining Caucasoid birth‑rates.

Political Correctness

If it were not for racism, most White women would be bending‑over backward for a good pounding from a Black man; if it were not for classism, most White women would not hesitate to open their thighs for a nice bit of rough; if it were not for the sexism of White Christianity, most White women would be worshiping at the altar of Black dick. Instead, White women talk about sex more than they actually do it, because talking about sex is the most passionate sex most Whites ever get.

Unilineal evolution

As usual with Whites, they try to turn a debit into a credit by claiming to be at the forefront of a cultural development that no other culture needs nor wants, since other cultures do not feel the need to repress their sexualities for political reasons – only for ethical ones. Whites believe that White people in the past were somehow more sexual than they are today; while providing no evidence for this: A lurid and pseudo‑nostalgia based Boris Vallejo sex‑fantasy. And what other culture had a Victorian period or a so‑called sexual revolution – or ever needed either?

The fact that there is no evidence that Whites in the past were more sexual, leads Whites, today, to evade the issue by thinking their sexual problems are universal, since any such pseudo‑comparative history will always give the impression that White people in the past enjoyed sex more often, simply because Whites, today, are so starved of high‑quality sex – in comparison. The real problem here is the generalized White lack of empathy for other ethnicities which also means Whites do not know how to relate to each other – except as sex objects.


Sex is a mystery to Whites because they have spent centuries pretending to be above their emotions – which they view with the same disdain they use against POC – in order to give the unearned impression of Master Race superiority over Nature, its peoples and, by implication, over themselves.

This White view that one must rein‑in one’s humanity to be superior to others, inevitably leads them to objectively separate the three aspects of life (thought, emotion & sensation) without any subjective means of putting them back together again; making a full life, lived as a gestalt, practically impossible for Whites. Whites have limited the very essence of their lives by viewing themselves as mere machines in a purely‑mechanistic universe. Yet Whites have not damaged their actual human potential precisely because people are not machines and, thus, such potential is always latent until death.

This White belief that the Head is at permanent war with the Heart, has led them to be at permanent war with themselves – and everyone else on planet Earth; including being at war with the planet, itself. Now they are whining about the rather obvious downside to their inhuman idiocy: Sensual poverty, emotional neediness & intellectual superficiality.

White whine

If White women trap themselves within their cultural and psychological limitations, it is hardly surprising that they rarely get the good seeing‑to they claim to want. Or is whining about not getting it somehow more satisfying than actually getting it, in some weird, masochistic way? The truth is that White women want political control of White men as White men want sexual control of White women – as Whites want overall control of the Earth’s resources and its peoples. These White whiners are simply blathering‑on about their own social limitations which result in them opening their legs for second‑ and third‑rate White men. They should get out more and be more open about who they are and what they want – but Caucasians are not raised to engage in such activities; hence, their multifarious, self‑created frustrations.

Water finds its own level

If women are honest in their desires, they will be attractive to men who are not afraid of their own. Only neurotics are as attracted to White men as White women are; in exact opposition to honest people’s desire for those who are psychologically‑healthy. If White women got in touch with their emotions, before they start fingering their snatches in frustrated, narcissistic rage and then having the cheek to imply that others are similarly afflicted, they would come more often, more forcefully & more enjoyably.

Sunday, 13 December 2015

Between the Word and Me

Summary: How Black people live in White cultures.

Excellent, if overly-wordy (a fault shared with the equally-excellent James Baldwin), book about White people which understands that Whites use euphemisms and half-truths in order to live with their guilt feelings about the White supremacist nature of their cultures.

Work-related image.

When Whites say People, they only mean White people; when they say Race, they claim something science has demonstrated as fact - despite the utter absence of any tangible evidence.

These White delusions spring from the belief that a) nature, itself, is racist; b) that Whites are the only ethnic group able to know this for sure; & c) that the White god has decreed, in advance, who is to be honored and who is to be tortured. Yet, it is recently-invented racism that produces Race - not the other way around; resulting in a superficial people who think of themselves as White - above any other consideration; leaving Whites with no more solid basis for their cultural myths than self-delusion and wishful-thinking.

Black people have never had the luxury of denying White reality by believing in American exceptionalism because they were meant to suffer as scapegoats for the inability of White Americans to achieve the exceptional - and suffering is always self-evident and undeniable. Moreover, Whites decreed that People Of Color existed solely as the basis of White wealth - a wealth Whites pretend came from their hard work when it really came from the hard work of those Whites deem to be untermenschen. For Black people to do otherwise than face reality can only result in the same personally-irresponsible, life-threatening & dream-like schizophrenia Whites wallow in every day of their lives. Thus, White police officers are merely correctly-interpreting the actual legacy and heritage of White supremacy in their openly-racist, Caucasian-accepted & genocidal behavior towards Black people.

Work-related image.

An excellent book for Black people to share with one another and to bequeath to their children (like the similarly-themed works of the late James Baldwin) that clearly expresses the reasons for White mediocrity and the social parasitism inherent in a White supremacy based on genocide, looting and rape that benefits all White males, regardless of social class - all because they would much rather exist trapped in the gilded cage of Whiteness than live free as grown men.

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